Construction Starts at The Pioneer Endicott

Construction has officially started at the Pioneer Endicott with a major effort underway to demo the Endicott building and prepare the floors in order to make way for Mulcahy Nickolaus to begin framing.  Advanced Masonry has started the 4th Street facing brick tuckpointing on the exterior of the Endicott and the repairs on the exterior; repairs on the Pioneer Building will start next week.

We are all very excited to begin this project.  It has been a long haul to work through the pre-construction complexities of these amazing old buildings. Now that construction is underway we are beginning to uncover the underpinnings of these magnificent structures and the beauty of the historic elements. Look for more information to be added to this website as construction progresses.

Oh and yes, that is John Walters from Dickson Electric sporting the outlaw hard hat next to Mike Dickson. Dickson does not have a website for us to link to.

Alexa McCullum