Our Story

Established in 1859, Crowe Construction Management continues to build on a rich heritage that was developed around safety, quality, innovation, efficiency and professionalism throughout the Midwest.

Our tradition for going above and beyond and specializing in difficult projects started five generations ago in Chicago, Illinois. When most construction companies turn the first shovel to dirt and only focus on the job at hand, we believe in being involved hands-on during every step of the construction process and place our main focus on building valuable long-term relationships.

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From small tenant build-outs to large-scale commercial and real estate projects - we have the expertise and quality to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible. When it comes to customer service - leaving the property and customer in a better state is a promise we never break.

By delivering on this promise again and again, Crowe Construction Management has not only become a reputable name, but has also made us a widely sought-after company to manage some of the most dynamic and challenging projects throughout the industry.




Michael J. Crowe

With over 40 years of professional construction management experience, Mike brings his invaluable expertise and a no non-sense, take-charge attitude to the forefront.

From running the day-to-day tasks and managing complex restoration projects to building strong relationships with industry professionals and clients, Crowe’s ongoing determination and commitment to integrity and quality are present in everything he does.

Originally from Chicago, Crowe continues to steer a five-generation company according to its original vision of doing the unthinkable. When others set barriers, his motto is to break down walls and resolve the frequent challenges that arise between buildings and people - delivering the most innovation and quality construction and customer-service around.




Patrick Crowe

My energy for the field of construction and real estate is driven by being able to work with some of the best people in the industry. We are the contractors, business owners, and developers that are shaping the skylines and streetscapes in downtown Minneapolis and St. Paul. I take tremendous pride in providing fast turnarounds, innovative solutions and precise execution so my customers are able to make quick decisions and see their projects succeed. I’m a fifth generation addition to the company and my focus is on building teams and relationships.


Justin Harguth

Construction is not an easy industry and every project is unique.  There are different challenges on every job and I enjoy the problem solving and working with our network of clients and contractors to solve those problems and ultimately complete fantastic projects.   



Lindsey Johansen

There are so many great individuals working together towards the success of the each other that it is effortless to find satisfaction in the world of construction.  The success of our team and our projects are always are at the forefront of our actions which invariably evokes pride in my work and daily participation. 


Brynna Johansen

The idea that not every day will be the same is the reason I enjoy working in construction.  Whether it’s new clients or existing, being able to help facilitate the right team of people to make their project come to life, even in the simplest way, brings me great joy.


Bain Family 2018-Family Photos 2018 by Redmond Digital Media-0025.jpg


My desire to spread the word about Crowe CM is both new and very old. I have turned my business development skill from factory automation and technology toward opportunities to apply our firm's skills, experience and creativity toward new challenges. Our team has changed the look of our Cities, and I want to see much more of the same. Construction was the Bain family's first arena for success in the New World, with my great-grandfather, David Bain, building his first family home in 1894 in British Columbia and placing the low bid on the first bridge over the Fraser River (not a simple story). In later years, David and his son Bill, an architect, collaborated on many apartment buildings in Seattle. When Bill was around 80 and I was around 20, we spent a year together working to develop the Systomatic Homeunit, a factory-build housing unit that won support from HUD.