Response Time is Critical

Friday 8/17 at 1pm Crowe Construction Management received a call regarding 2 large stone panels that were covered with decorative sheet metal weighing approximately 700lbs each had become dislodged and were being held dangerously in place by a electrical conduit and the sheet metal flashing designed to hide them. After inspection, Crowe responded immediately with the equipment and resources to close the street, parking ramp entrance, and sidewalk before beginning the process of assessing and removing the panels that had become loose.

After inspection, it was determined that an over-sized vehicle had damaged the panels causing them to dislodge. All it took was removal of the flashing and panels easily came down. Once the two dislodged panels were removed, it became apparent that the adjacent panels were also damaged from the impact and Crowe began the process of removing the remaining panels. The project was completed by 4pm Friday afternoon just before the start of rush hour traffic with a parking ramp full of paying customers.

Special thanks to Atomic Recycling for their rapid response on a Friday afternoon! we had a roll off delivered within 1 hour; John from Dickson Electric for disconnecting power to the sign; Tim & Dean from Advanced Masonry Restoration for letting us use their CAT Telehandler to safely remove the hanging stone panels; And, Bill, Tony & Brian from Mulcahy Nickolaus for their labor, traffic management, lift, and attention to detail. We could not have accomplished this safely without great people working together.

Alexa McCullum